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Sawtooth Mountain Range, IdahoAre you going through a tough time in your life? Or, do you feel like your life is pretty good, but suspect talking with a neutral, professional helper could be exactly the boost you need to generate positive momentum toward attaining your life dreams? Life Transitions Counseling is a place of hope and help. We understand how challenging life and relationships can be. We have accumulated, and grown from both clinical training and personal life experiences. These professional and personal lessons contribute to our understanding and empathy, and we are passionate about helping others.

We understand many people are reluctant to try counseling or to take the first step to contact someone about help. Going to counseling is an acknowledgment that you want things to change. You want your life to be better! It is a sign of strength that you are considering counseling, and we encourage you to take that next step. Research suggests the biggest predictor of positive client outcomes is the relationship between the client and the counselor. Learn more about the professional helpers you are considering to see what kind of feeling you get related to their fit for you. Finally talk to the counselor and ask questions to verify your impressions.

iStock_000010884193SmallIf you decide to go to a counselor and don’t have a good feeling about the relationship fit after a few sessions, it may not mean counseling isn’t for you. It probably means this is not the counselor for you. This is something you should mention in session and the counselor should be very open to providing referrals to help you find someone who may be a better fit.

Explore our website as part of your search and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We wish you the best, and thank you for considering our services.

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